Newborn photoshoot wardrobe ideas. Your Family photographer Yana Balatskaya in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Keep it simple!

To make sure the focus is on you and your baby, eliminating any distraction is key!

My first suggestion is to wear clothing with no bright prints, logos, text or cartoon characters.

Doing just that, keeps the focus solely on what’s important, and that is your baby!

Therefore a plain white or neutral blouse with nice comfortable jeans/chinos (preferably light in colour) or a lovely white/neutral dress works perfectly.

For dads I always suggest a white t-shirt and jeans or chinos.


Whether you are booking a newborn or an older baby photo shoot comfort is everything. Feeling yourself and comfortable will naturally make you more relaxed during the shoot. There is nothing worse than feeling like your clothing is clinging to you. Or feeling hot and not yourself when you’ve just had a baby. My tip is, find something that fits your body nicely. Something that is not too tight and clingy and nothing that you may feel sweaty in. A lovely loose dress that compliments your figure is perfect! Or if you are not a dress person I would opt for some trousers or light coloured jeans and a comfortable but stylish blouse. 


And the last one I wanted to include in here is “choosing something stylish”. Or something that simply makes you feel nice! As much as comfort is the most important, I still want you to feel special and beautiful on the day.This is where I think a lovely relaxed, white or neutral dress always works well! You will feel your best but comfortable and relaxed! And as a mum myself I know that throwing on something a little prettier, something stylish, instantly lifts my mood and makes me feel great (even after some sleepless nights).

Now I am sure you may already have something in your closet that fits the brief but if not, I have put together a Pinterest board for some ideas. I hope this blog has been helpful, but if you have any further questions, just drop me a message.

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